What Just Kidding Babysitting Offers

All Just Kidding Babysitting employees have been trained in first aid and childcare by professionals from St Johns and the McKenzie Centre, meaning that you can be confident that your child will be well cared for. All the girls have been vetted to ensure that they are suitable for babysitting. Just Kidding Babysitting can guarantee that all babysitters are extremely passionate and caring. At Just Kidding Babysitting, we are competent in babysitting children that are 1 year old or older. However, the age of the children that you leave with us is dependent on you as the parent.

Trained in First Aid

Babysitters from Just Kidding Babysitting will be able to calmly take care of any accidents or injuries that may occur.

Trained in ChildcareÂ

Our babysitter are taught techniques to help them interact with children positively and to take control of any situations that may arise.

Professional and Friendly

Our babysitters were chosen for their passion, responsibility and love for children.

Homework Help

Should your child require basic tutoring for their studies or any extracurricular activities, Just Kidding Babysitting will be able to supply babysitters to suit your specific needs.  

Special Requests

Just Kidding Babysitting has many babysitters who can help your children with school work, music studies and sports etc. Just Kidding Babysitting can also supply babysitter with basic cooking skills. Request any of the following services.

Just Kidding Babysitting employs senior students from Waikato Diocesan School for Girls that are currently studying NCEA Levels 1,2 or 3. Not only will your babysitter be academically competent, she will also be patient and tolerant. Should your child require help with their studies, our babysitters will be more that happy to help. If possible, please advise what subjects/ tasks your child needs assistance with in the booking form so that we can find the most suitable babysitter for your child.

  •  Enjoy your night out knowing that your child’s homework will be done and dusted by the time you get home.
  • Our babysitters have been through the same education system as your child has, allowing them to use their experience to help your child with their studies.
 Waikato Diocesan School for Girls has a high reputation for producing outstanding musicians, many of whom are Just Kidding Babysitters. We are able to provide talented young musicians and singers that can help your child with their music practice while you are enjoying a night out. When requesting music help, please advise what instrument and level your child is playing at. Just Kidding Babysitting will try to match a musician to your requirements, but if this is not possible we will be sure to post you with a music appreciative babysitter.
Many of our babysitters are successful sportswomen with experience in various sports. Just Kidding Babysitting believes that children deserve to be having fun outside when possible. However, babysitters are not permitted to allow the children off the property after dark.


  • Just Kidding Babysitting has babysitters that excel in Netball, Cycling, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Swimming and many other sports codes.
  • Enjoy your afternoon out knowing that your babysitter is qualified to handle any situation.
 Our babysitters can cook a nutritional meal for your children while you are out. A number of our babysitters are taking part in the culinary courses offered at Waikato Diocesan School for Girls. Please advise us if you require the babysitter to cook meals. It is extremely important to inform the babysitter of any food allergies or requirements that your children may have.
Just Kidding Babysitting can provide help for your child’s birthday party. Make your child’s birthday a memorable experience with our friendly babysitters. We can provide you with babysitters to help you before, during and after the party to make the entire party process a breeze. Please contact us for more details.

Just Kidding Babysitting can try to accommodate any of your needs. Please contact us for more details.

Why Choose Us

      • Our babysitters are friendly and love children.
      • Our rates are reasonable for the quality of service you will receive.
      • All our babysitters are trained in first aid and childcare.
      • We offer many additional services to cater to your specific needs.

What Clients Say

Great service, great idea. Our babysitter Madi was awesome.
Justine, Parent
Our babysitter was a natural with children and I would definitely recommend your service to others.
Teresa, Parent
Lucy was lots of fun! My daughter really enjoyed her time with her.
Michelle, Parent
Overall I had a very good experience using your baby sitting services.
Mija, Parent