Babysitting Prices

Our prices are reflective of the high quality and calibre of the babysitting service we are offering. When you book a Just Kidding Babysitting babysitter, you will be assured that she:

  • Is a Waikato Diocesan Senior Student
  • Is Responsible, reliable, friendly and fun
  • Has relevant training

Just Kidding Babysitting also specialises in providing babysitters that can assist your child with their academic and extra-circular activities. To find out more about what makes Just Kidding Babysitters stand out, click here.

Please note that from 3 February 2016 we have altered our prices.

Also please be aware the $6 booking fee is non-refundable. However, if you need to cancel your babysitting session, we will happy switch it to another date.



* Should you arrive home later than your scheduled time, the rate will increase to $20 Overtime worked will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour. ** The minimum booking time is two hours.