Just Kidding Babysitting History

Young Enterprise Scheme 2014


Just Kidding Babysitting began with a team of eight Year 13 Students from Waikato Diocesan School for Girls. We participated in the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme for 2014. This scheme required us to create and run a real business. YES is an incredible learning experience that thousands of students from all over New Zealand participate in each year, all competing to win various awards and prizes. You can read the more about the Young Enterprise Scheme here. Just Kidding Babysitting is proud to be the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme Company of 2014, beating more than 600 other companies to the title.

Excited by the positive Young Enterprise Scheme experiences and achievements past Waikato Diocesan students had enjoyed and coupled with our desire to better understand commerce, we were determined to create a successful YES Company. With careful evaluation, planning, commitment, passion, and hard-work we made Just Kidding Babysitting into a profitable and a well-respected Company. If you are interested in our business plan, have a read of our Executive Summary.

We understand the pain and hassle of flustered parents as they search desperately for under-par and average babysitters. It was was evident to us that although children are a parent’s most precious and prized possession, there was a large gap in the market for a premium online babysitting booking service for parents of the Waikato region. This consequently inspired us to create Just Kidding Babysitting. We feel that Just Kidding Babysitting is set miles apart from other similar NZ online babysitting booking services due to our distinct points of difference


Meet Our Team

Our management team:

Victoria Chan – Managing Director

Phoebe Havill – Communications Director

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